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Buy Designer Wall Tiles at NITCO

Walls can strengthen the entire theme of a space, particularly with the perfect wall tiles. Tiles are not just fashionable; they also prevent walls from retaining stains and splashes. So if you are planning on revamping your house, browse through NITCO's impressive designer wall tiles collection. Our exhaustive collection, from kitchen wall tiles and bathroom wall tiles to wall tiles for bedroom and outdoor wall tiles, will leave you in awe.

How to select the right Wall Tiles

The suitable room wall tiles must fulfil all the design and function requirements. We list down a few tips to make your tile shopping more convenient and fruitful.

  • Neutral = Larger

    If you want your room to look more spacious, always remember to stick to primary, neutral colours. These tones make the place seem inviting and thereby look bigger.

  • Accentuate your style

    Bring in style with strips of mosaic wall tiles or brick style wall tiles that complement your furniture and the rest of the home. Brick wall tiles or mosaic tiles can help you add some glam to your house without making it gaudy.

  • Easier to clean

    In the kitchen and bathroom, cover more areas with wall tiles as this will help you clean the surfaces easily and keep the walls stain-free. Textured kitchen wall tiles and bathroom tiles can make a massive difference to the way your space looks.

  • Use specific tiles

    Wall tiles and floor tiles are different. Keep that in mind, as there are certain features in floor tiles that are unnecessary for wall tiles and vice versa. From office wall tiles to home wall tiles, NITCO has a range of options available.

Different types of Wall Tiles

There are several options available when you pick your wall tiles. The process can get overwhelming, which is why we give you a deep understanding of what may work best for you.

  • Ceramic Wall Tiles

    Ceramic wall tiles are the most common as they come in various colours, patterns, textures and finishes. Check out NITCO's Ceramic Tiles Collection if you are looking for patterned wall tiles.

  • Vitrified Wall Tiles

    Vitrified wall tiles offer many options in colours and textures. From stone wall tiles to wooden wall tiles, vitrified tiles give you the effect of natural materials without the burden of a significant investment. Popularly used as external wall tiles like balcony wall tiles and garden wall tiles, these come in glazed and unglazed options.

  • Made in Italy Wall Tiles

    This collection consists of unglazed porcelain tiles that bring Italy's excellence to your spaces. Great as wall tiles for living rooms, their finishing can add intensity to your dull room. Check out NITCO's range of tiles like Moda Blue, Piena Masa Graphite, Concrete Abstract Azul and many more.

Our Designer Wall Tiles Collection

NITCO has a range of wall tiles that can transform the way your space looks. With ceramic and vitrified tiles replicating natural materials like stone, marble and wood, you also need not worry about maintenance and cleaning.

Benefits of having designer Wall Tiles

Wall tiles not only look incredible, but they also provide ease of maintenance and cleaning and have properties that keep dirt, bacteria and any build-up at bay. Tiles are the most preferred materials for wall application owing to all these conveniences.

Shop from a wide range of NITCO Wall Tiles

NITCO's comprehensive range of wall tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related needs. Shop from our fine collection of tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Wall Tiles

  • Which tiles are best for walls?

    Tiles that are stain-resistant, easy to clean and maintain are best suited for walls. Additionally, you want wall tiles that look fabulous and come in a complementary pattern or texture to lend charm to your space.

  • Which colour is best for wall tiles?

    Neutral or basic colours are great for wall tiles as they make spaces more inviting and thereby appear bigger than they are. If you have a compact room, make sure to opt for light-coloured wall tiles.

  • Which are the trending wall tiles at NITCO?

    At NITCO, the most preferred wall tiles are Made in Italy tiles due to their versatility in textures and finishes.

  • Which wall tiles are best for the home?

    Wall tiles that are easier to clean and stain-resistant are great for homes, especially kitchens and bathrooms.

  • What are the wall tiles trends for 2021?

    Cooler tones and marble or stone effect wall tiles are the trends of 2021 as they bring in a touch of nature with their close-to-reality texture and patterns.