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Quartzite is a natural stone that is used in kitchens and bathrooms as countertops. Since neutral-toned kitchens are in vogue now, Quartzite countertops in light black, grey and white are the most preferred choices. The magnificent appearance of this natural stone can uplift the overall aesthetic and lend a dynamic new look to an otherwise drab space. Moreover, the stone's superior durability and resistance make it one of the most popular tiling options. It can be used for interior as well as exterior walls, counter and table tops and can instantly give your space a beautiful vibe.

How To Select The Right Quartzite For Home

Picking the most suitable Quartzite stone for your home can be a difficult task. However, our experts at NITCO assist in simplifying this journey for you. Here are a few points to remember before you pick kitchen Quartzite countertops or Quartzite for your home/office:

  • Don't be fooled by persuasive marketing

    Sometimes stones labelled as Quartzites (the very colourful variety) are a blend that also contains gneiss or schist, while stones labelled as soft Quartzite are commonly dolomite marble. However, at NITCO, we provide high-quality Quartzites, and our experts will assist you in selecting and getting the stone installed in your home.

  • Slab sizing

    The size of the Quartzite slab impacts other aspects of home design too. For example, a light-toned slab on a large countertop can make a kitchen look bigger than it is. Therefore, measure the dimensions of your space well before you pick the stone of your choice.

  • Pricing

    Being a natural stone, Quartzite is heavier on the pocket. However, NITCO also has a range of high-quality yet affordable Quartzite stones.

Different Colours of Quartzite

Quartzite has become increasingly popular among homeowners. Due to their resilient nature and the wide variety of colour options, they are quickly becoming the go-to choice for many who are revamping their space.

White is one of the most popular Quartzite colours as it easily blends in with the rest of the interiors/cabinets and makes kitchens and bathrooms appear brighter. If you love the look of marble on a Quartzite stone, go for a bright Quartzite colour with a soft grey marbling effect.

Fossil Grey is another excellent option for those who want a beautiful neutral-toned slab. It looks regal against white walls and backsplashes.

Our Quartzite Collection

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your space. We also have an array of design ideas that will help you further.

Benefits of having Quartzite

The elegant appearance and varied use of Quartzites make it an attractive buy for many. These stones contain 98% pure Quartz and are 100% natural, stain-resistant, and highly durable. They even exceed the hardness of granite, traditionally considered a reference stone to measure hardness and strength.

No two Quartzites are the same, which gives your space a unique, signature touch.

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NITCO's wide range of Quartzite Collections makes us the ideal choice for all your natural stone needs. Shop from our extensive collection and get started on your home makeover.

Frequently Asked Questions on Quartzite

  • What is Quartzite?

    Quartzite is a natural metamorphic quartz stone that is composed entirely of solid quartz. It is exceptionally durable and provides the benefits of both granite and marble.

  • What is Quartzite used for?

    Quartzite is used for kitchen and bathroom countertops as well as for interior and exterior walls.

    As no two Quartzites are alike, this natural stone is preferred by those who want an exclusive design.

  • What type of rock is Quartzite?

    Quartzite is a metamorphic rock formed by the transformation of quartz-rich natural stones.

  • What is the main characteristic of Quartzite?

    Quartzite exceeds the hardness of granite and is also known for its strength and durability. These characteristics make it a highly superior natural stone.

  • What is the trending Quartzite available at NITCO?

    The most trending Quartzites available at NITCO are "Monte Pascoal","Roma Imperiale", and "Belvedere Pelle".

  • What are the different colours available for Quartzite?

    Here are some of the colours of quartzite: Belvedere - Black, Belvedere Pelle - Black -, Bruno Sequoia Pelle - Brown, Fusion Chiaro - Green, Grana Portoro - Black, Illusion Blue - Blue, - Monte Pascoal - Brown, Roma Imperiale - Brown, Verde Tartaruga - Green.