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Revamping your home or office space requires enormous research to find suitable tiles, stones, and finishes. Whether it is your wall tiles, floor tiles, or countertops, NITCO has a wide range of options available.

Today, one of the most popular tiling materials is Granite Stones. Granite countertops or granite floors are often seen in exclusive and premium spaces, and NITCO now makes it possible for you to get this natural stone for your home. Add elegance to your living room, bedroom, or kitchen with NITCO's Granite Collection.

How To Select The Right Granite For Home

While selecting any stone or tile, you need to learn your needs before you spend any money. At NITCO, we have a team of experts that can help you through this process and make your buying process seamless. From granite kitchen countertops to granite flooring designs, you can get complete assistance at your convenience.

  • Select The Right Match :

    When choosing your granite stone, keep in mind the overall theme of your space. You can do this by selecting the flooring first and then picking a matching countertop. If you have marble flooring, make sure to match the veins of the marble with your granite countertop.
  • Light Or Dark Granite :

    If your space is small or receives less natural light, pick a lighter shade of Granite to make it appear larger and brighter. On the other hand, if you want to give your space a contemporary look, go for Black or Grey Granite.
  • Understand the Dimension of Your Countertops :

    A granite slab with veins may appear quite artistic while you look at it as a whole. However, when you cut the slab to the size of your countertop, its vein pattern can look different. So, make sure to take the correct dimensions and choose your Granite accordingly.

Different Colours of Granite

Whether you want a granite flooring design for home or countertops, several colour options are available. Here's a detailed explanation of each hue:

  • White Granite

    It is composed primarily of quartz (milky white) and feldspar (opaque white) minerals. The tiny black specks usually seen in this Granite occur due to a lack of chemical components required to form an amphibole.

  • Black Granite

    The most common Black Granite is Gabbro. Gabbro is composed chiefly of minerals such as pyroxene, plagioclase, and small amounts of olivine (dark green). Note that all black rock is not Granite.

  • Pink Granite

    Pink Granite is a result of an abundance of potassium feldspar within the granite stone. In Pink Granite, you can often see small quantities of semi-transparent quartz or dark brown/black amphibole.

  • Black & White Granite

    This Granite appears to have equal parts quartz, feldspar and amphibole, making a speckled Black and White Granite. This dual-tone variety is the most used, often for countertops.

Our Granite Collection

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your space. We also have an array of design ideas that will help you further. Explore our exclusive Granite Collection and take your pick.

Benefits of having Granite

Granite's outstanding elegance and resistance to abrasion make it the perfect material for indoor and outdoor usage. Because of its fire and heat-resistant properties, it is one of the most sought-after stones in the market. Also resistant to UV radiation, Granite maintains its beautiful colour just as the first day.

Shop from a wide range of Granite Collections at NITCO

NITCO's broad range of Granite Collections makes us the ideal choice for all your marble flooring and wall cladding needs. Shop from our extensive collection of tiles and marble.

Frequently Asked Questions on Granite

  • What is Granite?

    Granite is a natural stone that features coarse grains and consists of quartz, feldspar and plagioclase. The chromatic richness of this stone attracts the eye, and it's all-natural beauty is sure to amp up your space.

  • Which colour Granite is the best?

    Black Granite is one of the best-sellers owing to its deep tone. Its glittery appearance makes for the perfect countertop on kitchen platforms as well as cabinets.

  • Which Granite is best in India?

    The Dark Black Granite, Galaxy Granite, Golden Granite, Tan Brown Granite and Red Granite are some of the most popular shades in India.

  • What is Granite stone used for?

    Granite applications are versatile and adaptable to homes and commercial spaces. Granite stone is used on countertops, walls, floors, facades and more.

  • What is the trending Granite available at NITCO?

    Copenhagen and Matrix Spazzo are the two granite tiles that are the most trending at NITCO.