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Benefits of having wooden tiles

Tile has several advantages, which keep growing as the wooden tiles' appearance closely resembles that of hardwood. You may cover your kitchen or bathroom with tiles and the rest of your living space with wood-look tile. Even better, you may add artistic and complementary accents to walls using wooden tile. If you want to go for the real thing, with Nitco, make your imagination a reality with a premium selection of Vitrified, ceramic and porcelain wooden tiles! Your next renovation needs the rustic yet elegant finish of wooden tiles, and here is a list of benefits that can help convince you!

Appreciates Your Home's Value- Wooden floor tiles add attractive value to your property whether you are renting it out or selling it since they won't pick up stains or orders from prior occupants. Additionally, they work well with various decorating philosophies as wooden tiles design is quite diverse, so your new tenants will only need to change their furnishings to match the floor. This Legna Leaf tile from Nitco is quite the elegant solution you need for your home!

Lifelong Investment- Install a wooden tile today, and the floor will continue to look fantastic and lovely for years to come! It is the ultimate solution that pays off for years to come. Wooden floor tiles can withstand the test of time without losing their quality or elegance- making it a lifelong investment for you and your forever home! This Douglas Fir Natural Vitrified tile is a great long- term choice for your home. In addition to being vitrified- it also lends anti-skid properties to your flooring.

Protective Properties- There are several flooring options that would capture allergies and pollen. As a result, those who are allergic or have respiratory issues find it difficult to live in such environments. Wooden tiles shine out in this. They don't collect pollen or allergies; even difficult particles like pet hair and fur may be quickly removed. Nitco’s Crosswood Chestnut flooring is a gorgeous yet functional choice, as it has anti-microbial properties while still looking elegant and understated.

Durable and simple to maintain- Priorities come first. Any installation of a tile floor should ultimately benefit the client. Wooden tiles are a great option for your flooring needs precisely because of this. They have a lifetime lifespan after installation. Additionally, they are straightforward to clean and maintain because they don't collect spilt liquids or debris. So, instead of spending all your time sweeping the floor, enjoy life with your gorgeous young kids and dogs! Wooden Tiles Design at Nitco has many options, so you do not need to worry about the aesthetic appeal of your tiling choices!

Better than the Real Thing!- Want the natural look of the wood but none of its frayed ends and rough edges? Then going for ceramic, porcelain and vitrified finishes is your best bet! Truly an aesthetic upgrade from the standard wooden tiles you get in the market, these tiles are the best of both worlds! Realise your rustic dreams yet keeping it stylish and chic with Nitco’s range of wooden finish tiles!


Is wooden tile good?

Wooden tiles are resistant to the weather and can survive any type of climate. Wooden tiles are solid and last a very long time, like marble, and they are also effortless to clean and maintain. Wooden tiles come in various styles, hues, and patterns, offering selective customers a wide range of options.

Are wooden tiles slippery?

Hardwood is a great option for carrying an inside look outside because it is made of tough porcelain and has good anti-slip features. Additionally, vitrified wooden tiles can also be a great anti-skid option for tiles!

Are wooden tiles suitable for the kitchen?

Compared to most tile and hard surface flooring solutions, wooden tiles offer a gentler and more robust surface to stand on. If your kitchen's hardwood flooring is the same type and colour as those in adjacent rooms, it might help it appear larger. With the addition of vitrified and anti-microbial options, your wooden floor tiles will prevent slips or falls while keeping your surroundings safe and clean.

In what different patterns, wooden tiles can be laid?

Linear, Brick, Diamond, Herringbone, Block Herringbone, and ¾ Brick Bond.