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The uniqueness of materials such as marble, granite, onyx, and semi-precious stones, is transformed by NITCO into livable surfaces.

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luxurious marble tiles

Unleash your creativity!

For ages, marble has been known for its timeless charm. It beautifully adds elegance and character to every room it is part of. Hence, considering this nature’s gift as one of the key parts of a promising interior project comes naturally to most architects and designers.

Today, in a time crunched era, it’s only a blessing if your design ideas meet quick execution and aesthetic perfection. Excited to know more? Click below.

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Marble Cut to Size

Introducing NITCO Cut to Size! With over 300 natural marble designs, pick your choice of slab and we cut it to the size and shape you require. With no wastage of time and material, this is one of the most sought-after services in the industry.

And NITCO is the first to provide it to its clients. All you have to do is share your layout in Autocad and watch your imagination come alive. We will ensure to use the maximum area of marble to minimize any wastage. With an advanced and precision-based technology, the cut-to-size marble service helps you stay a cut above the rest.

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marble Cut to Size

Door Frames & Window Sills

Door Frames & Window Sills

Introducing our all-new range of marble window sills and door frames, that serve as accent pieces in every space. Not only are they functional, sturdy support structures to your windows and doors, but they also add to the detail and décor of a space.

Available in both standard and custom sizes, these items come ready-to-fit for you!

Starting at just INR 50/-* per running feet, these window sills and door frames are pre-polished to 100% accuracy and absolutely ready to use in widths of 2" to 5" inches.

Available in imported marble, engineered marble and granite, these accent items come in 18 different shades and patterns!

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Triple Reinforcement

Beauty reinforced charisma reinvented

Nitco’s unique Triple Reinforced gives the marble a charmed makeover, shaping it into an exquisite piece of splendor. Marble blocks are strengthened by Fiber and Imported Rock Resin. The surface is prepared by drying in an oven before applying Fiber, while the bottom an top surfaces are filled with Epoxy, Vacuum process and curing in oven ensures filling of Epoxy in the smallest of pores. Extra strengthening is achieve by pre-grinding an UV resin application.

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triple reinforced marble tiles

Nitco Signature

nitco signature

Nitco assures large quantity supplies of high gloss marble at par with the best in the world

  • Superior quality marble sourced from the finest mines in Italy and around the globe.
  • Marble processed at the state-of-the-art Breton processing plant in India.
  • It’s one of the very few automated marble processing plants in the world.
  • Consistent ultra-high precision in cutting is accomplished with BM gang saw machines from Italy.
  • Natural marble is strengthened using automated netting and the world’s best epoxy resin (Tenax).
  • A vacuum processing technique seals the tiniest of micro-pores, to ensure perforation-free marble.
  • A special super-gloss process involving UV resin and processing in the UV tamp chamber imparts the highest gloss levels possible.
  • Nitco is the only company to employ a pre-grinding process before polishing.
  • Fully automated processes ensure consistency of size, incredible longevity and unmatched enhancement of marble’s natural beauty.
  • Nitco’s professional team is committed to delivering target quantities-on-time, every time.


A comprehensive care and maintenance program is just as important as the initial material selection. If you’re a homeowner, you’ll want to be aware of the care and maintenance requirements before you select a material. If you are an architect or designer, you'll want to know this information prior to specifying a material.

nitco tile care and maintenance

NITCO´s Marble Process Facility… Our Pride

Investment in World class Technology
One and only in India a "Fully Integrated Marble Plant"
which is Among the top 5 Marble plant in the world

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New in the Showroom

NITCO brings you a kind of natural wonder that has perfected the art of bringing out the beauty of natural stone.
The perfect blend of elegance durability, style elegance direct from mother nature.

Buy Best Marble At NITCO

Marble is a natural stone symbolic of luxury and elegance, favoured by sculptors and architects for centuries. Marble flooring has also been used in residential and commercial spaces for many years now.

Simple white marble flooring can charm anyone with its sheen and ultra-luxurious texture. At NITCO, we offer a range of the latest marble flooring designs made with precision-led technology sans any human interference to avoid wastage and cracks. Moreover, NITCO delivers the finesse of Italian marble in India with its Triple Reinforcement Technology, which gives the marble an unmatched shine. Explore various options and get your hands on a marble floor design that will transform your home.

How To Select The Right Marble for Flooring

If you plan to invest in marble, you want to get nothing but the best for your space. Whether it is a marble floor for living room or kitchen marble design, certain things to remember before shopping are:

  • Physical Features :

    Ensure that you check the marble slab thoroughly before buying it. Marble is easily breakable, and cracks can appear on the surface even with the slightest fall. Also, make sure to get marble slabs of the same thickness and dimensions.
  • Chemical Features :

    Marble cannot be cleaned constantly, and some cleaning agents can even leave stains on the surface. No one wants their white Italian marble flooring to be stained, so pick your marble wisely.
  • Maintenance :

    Even though marble can last for decades, it requires proper maintenance and care. Keep that in mind when you are exploring your options.

Different Types of Marble

Many varieties of marble exist in the market, differing in their origin, textures and vein patterns.

Here are the ranges of marble available at NITCO. Choose your style and get ready to fall in love with the impeccable designs.

  • Quartzite Collection

    NITCO's quartzite collection features some dark and deep colours that are perfect for bathroom flooring.

  • Granite Collection

    Granite marble is quite popular with those who prefer to bring in the natural stone and retain its rawness in the design.

  • Onyx Collection

    Onyx marble is loved by all for its looks and the beauty of its veins. The different colours - pink marble, blue marble, grey marble, beige marble and red marble are sure to win everyone's hearts.

  • Italian Marble

    Italian marble is known worldwide for its luxe and stunning texture. It injects personality and offers great durability owing to the innate quality of the natural stone. If you are someone who loves the finer things in life, opt for this rich and magnificent natural stone for your space.

  • Imported Marble

    The natural stone is known for its magnificence all around the world. Other than Italy, NITCO imports marble from various other countries like Turkey, Greece, Spain, France and more. The varied options give you the choice to take an informed decision and the chance to explore the different variants.

Our Marble Collection

NITCO's marble collection comprises several shades, including grey marble, black marble, white marble and beige marble, and sophisticated designs, such as marble floor design for home and office and marble wall designs. NITCO's high-end Triple Reinforcement Technology (TRT) with zero human interference helps you get the best quality marble without any wastage or extra cost.

Benefits of having Marble Flooring

Marble is known for its high durability. If proper care is taken and it is maintained well, marble can last for centuries. Also, the texture and shine that a natural stone like marble can offer are unmatchable.

Shop from a wide range of Marble Designs at NITCO

NITCO has a vast collection of marble designs and forms. Browse through our collection and explore NITCO's precision-led technology that makes our marble one of the best quality stone floorings.

Frequently Asked Questions on Marble

  • What are the advantages of marble?

    Marble is a natural stone widely considered to be a natural beauty. The stone brings in a charm of its own to any space and is highly durable when maintained well. Moreover, it is an excellent insulator so it remains cool even when there is direct sunlight that falls on it. Marble also reflects light making the space look bigger and brighter.

  • What is marble stone made of?

    Marble begins life as limestone, a soft stone made primarily of calcite. For commercial purposes, the stone is then put through various processes to give it the signature shine and polish of marble.

  • Which is the most trending Marble at NITCO?

    NITCO's Marble Collection and Onyx Collection are most preferred due to their natural veins and colour options. Other than that the Carrara marble, Makrana marble, the Indian Green marble and the Ambaji marble are the most popular options.

  • Which marble colour is best?

    There is no particular colour that suits all spaces; the right marble colour depends on the room you wish to revamp. For smaller rooms, however, it is ideal to use light-coloured marble. You can also opt for the more popular colours like grey, Calacatta Gold, green and others.

  • How do I choose marble?

    Depending on the colour, size, pattern and the various features of the marble, you can choose what works best for your home. Our experts can help you further in this journey of picking suitable marble. You can also check out our video for a complete guide: