Make your own Mosaic

Creativity is timeless and limitless…

And that forms the core of our design philosophy.
As NITCO design team, we look for inspiration from our very own surroundings – be it a deep forest, a small village, the rich Indian tradition or fast moving- high tech jet age world….
So let the magical Mosaico add that special touch to your very own spaces………

Visit your nearest NITCO Le Studio & let us know your dream and inspiration & we will ensure that your dream gets crafted into reality.

Door Frames & Window Sills

Door Frames & Window Sills

Introducing our all-new range of marble window sills and door frames, that serve as accent pieces in every space. Not only are they functional, sturdy support structures to your windows and doors, but they also add to the detail and décor of a space.

Available in both standard and custom sizes, these items come ready-to-fit for you!

Starting at just INR 50/-* per running feet, these window sills and door frames are pre-polished to 100% accuracy and absolutely ready to use in size of 50.8 mm Width X 127 mm Length.

Available in imported marble, engineered marble and granite, these accent items come in 18 different shades and patterns!

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Buy Mosaic at NITCO

Mosaic is made from material like marble, stone, small pieces of tiles stuck together in a mosaic frame. This formation creates a stunning effect and amps up any surface that Mosaic is applied to. NITCO has a variety of options when you browse through the Mosaico Collection. Mosaic as an option is often underrated and overlooked as not many are aware of the different ways in which it can be used to make your space look glam. Check out NITCO's Mosaico Collection to know more.

How to select the right Mosaico

The right tile material can make all the difference to your space. Here are a few tips to remember before deciding on the perfect mosaic flooring or mosaic for the wall.

  • Pick a brand that you trust :

    When selecting mosaic, you want to pick a trusted brand that will deliver quality. Even though mosaic is easy to maintain, it may wear out soon if the quality isn't great.

  • Ensure that the colour of the mosaic frame suits your style :

    There are many patterns and mosaic floor designs that are available in the market. Pick an elegant one that suits your style and also the rest of the house.

  • Choose the right material for your room :

    Mosaic is available in several variations, including ceramic, natural stone and more. So, pick the combination as per your room. Mosaic for the bathroom and kitchen are especially preferred as mosaic is resistant to mould and easy to clean.

Different Types of Mosaico

Different types of mosaic are available in the market, and you should explore and select the kind that will best suit the space you are looking to revamp.

  • Natural Stone Mosaic

    These include marble, quartz, stone and more. Ensure that you seal the crevices of the mosaic well to avoid wear and tear.

  • Porcelain Mosaic

    Porcelain mosaic has a refreshing vibe and can be used for both the home's wet and dry areas.

Our Mosaico Collection

NITCO's mosaico collection offers you a variety of options:

  • Crust Collection

    The Crust Collection brings together tiny little mosaics into larger frames that add liveliness to any space.

  • Décor Collection

    ): As the name suggests, this collection features some of the most decorative wall and floor mosaic. You can implement several mosaic design ideas, if you choose from this collection.

  • Frame Collection

    The Frame collection features mosaics that can be used as a mosaic framing for other tiles.

  • Magnum Opus Collection

    The Magnum Opus collection features several options designed to make your space look gorgeous and larger than life.

  • Naturale Collection

    The Naturale Collection features tiles that have a touch of nature in them. Their colours calm your mind and make you feel pleasant.

  • Signature Collection

    NITCO's Signature collection stars tiles that are absolute classics and have a vintage, old-world appeal to them.

Benefits of having Mosaico

Mosaic is easy to maintain, durable, long-lasting and does not require meticulous care. Cleaning mosaic is easy and you can simply wipe off any grime or dirt that settles in the crevices. Moreover, coloured mosaic frames can completely transform your space without making it look ostentatious.

Shop from a wide range of Mosaico Designs at NITCO

NITCO's Mosaico Collection features some of the best mosaics with various choices of colours, patterns and materials. Explore and choose from our quality mosaic.

Frequently Asked Questions on Mosaico

  • What is the difference between mosaic and tiles?

    Mosaic is an art that uses small pieces of materials like marble, stone, tile and others to create a pattern. Mosaics are often used as floor and wall decoration. A tile is a manufactured piece of hard-wearing material such as ceramic, stone, baked clay, etc. used to cover floors, walls, tabletops and more.

  • Can mosaic be used on floors?

    Mosaic can be used on floors as well as walls. Pick your style of mosaics after considering the space and its requirements.

  • What is the trending mosaic at NITCO?

    From NITCO's Mosaico Collection, the bestsellers are the Signature Collection and the Décor Collection.

  • How do I choose a mosaic?

    Choose your mosaic based on the space, material, properties you want, such as anti-slip or anti-skid and a style that will go well with the theme of your home.

  • Where is mosaic flooring used?

    Mosaic flooring is usually used in kitchens and outdoors for balconies, gardens and pools.