Italy is the home of art, the motherland of design and a cradle of evolved thinking. From this land of connoisseurs and art lovers, NITCO brings Italian excellence with the best quality Tiles.

The Earthy tones of the woodlands inspire a world of distinctive interiors and immaculate beauty.

Innovative designs, unique textures, multiple sizes, unmatched quality, all centered around one thing - to adorn your world with natural beauty. Toughness included.

Attained from the blend of ceramics and pure elements, Inspired by the amalgam of natural wood, Elegance of Marble and durability of stone, Ceramix is the exemplar of an ideal flooring.

Way up in the mountains, in the heart of nature, lie undiscovered textures and natural patterns. Such stone textures are very rare to find as tile surfaces and even more eye-catching.

From the most striking, to subtlest, our designs are a tribute to natures's artistic prowess, Which is why, we find ourselves on a never-ending quest to replicate the best of Nature in our tiles.