Black Marble

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Black marble is one of the most beautiful and most preferred by those who admire stunning and luxurious natural stones. This is a shade you cannot ignore if you seek to add marble to your home. With its bespoke veins, black marble stone can grab eyeballs and create a stir in any space.

How To Select the Right Black Marble for Your Home?

Selecting the perfect black marble for your space can be tricky; however, NITCO experts can guide you through this process. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Where To Use? :

    Several choices are available, including black marble flooring, bathroom walls, countertops, table tops and even backsplashes. Black marble can make any space look rich with a subtle grandeur, but make sure you pick the right spot where it will look the best in your home.
  • Pick the right size :

    Black marble is available in different sizes. Make sure to pick the right size, as that will eliminate the need for additional expenses on cutting marble to the required size.
  • Finishing of the marble :

    Black marble finishes include glossy, high gloss, satin, rustic, matte. With plenty of options in both hues and finishes, you can easily decide which finish will go best with the rest of your interiors.
  • Maintenance :

    Marble can last for decades, but it requires the right amount of maintenance and care. Keep that in mind while exploring your options.

Different Types of Black Marble for Your Space

There are various options available even after you pick the colour of your marble. Types of black marble include:

  • Black Onyx Marble

    Used for kitchen tops or wall cladding, Black Onyx Marble looks sophisticated and elegant. Its gold veins contrasted with the dark tone make this an attractive natural stone.

  • Nero Dorato

    This marble's colour ranges from grey to black. It features brown, gold and white veins formed from calcite recrystallisation. The main characteristics of this marble are its fine or very fine grain and dark grey to black base shades.

    You can explore more options of black marble at NITCO. But it is essential to remember that scratch marks and dust particles are easily visible on black marble and the stone needs proper care.

Our Black Marble Design Ideas

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your space. We also have an array of design ideas that will help you further.

Benefits of having Black Marble

Black marble looks stunning and adds charisma to any space. It is a head-turner that creates a statement of luxury you cannot ignore.

Shop from a wide range of Black Marble at NITCO

NITCO's precision-led technology makes our marble one of the best quality stone floorings. Choose from a vast collection of black marble designs for your space.

Frequently Asked Question on Black Marble

  • Which is Black marble?

    Black marble is a natural stone characterised by a wide variety and presence of fossils. It is formed on continental platforms that have received a large volume of sediments, which explains the unique black shade of the stone.

  • Is marble available in black?

    Yes, there are a variety of natural black marble stones available in the market. Other shades of marble include white marble, green marble, grey marble, and more.

  • What is black marble used for?

    Black marble is used for interior floors, wall claddings, countertops, table tops and even as complementary decor to many furniture pieces.

  • What are the types of black marble?

    There are many types of black marble. However, the most common ones are Black Onyx marble and Nero Dorato. Also Black marquina

  • Which is the most trending black marble at NITCO?

    Belgium Black, Nero Carozzo and Black Teak are the most trending black marble stones available at NITCO.