Door Frames & Window Sills

Stone Applications

Introducing our all-new range of marble window sills and door frames, that serve as accent pieces in every space. Not only are they functional, sturdy support structures to your windows and doors, but they also add to the detail and décor of a space.

Marble Door Frames
door frame design

Window sills

Comes Ready-to-Fit

Available in both standard and custom sizes, these items come ready-to-fit for you! Their convenience, value-for-money function and exclusive design is already a trend among the top designers and architects of the country.

Pre-polished to Perfection

Starting at just INR 50/-* per running feet, these window sills and door frames are pre-polished to 100% accuracy and absolutely ready to use in size of 50.8 mm Width X 127 mm Length. It's time to pay attention to the parts you never thought could uplift the visual décor of your space.

Get Multiple Looks

Available in imported marble, engineered marble and granite, these accent items come in 18 different shades and patterns! Whether you're a Minimalist or have a taste for the bold and bright, it is all a luxurious affair. Let yourself be spoilt for choice as the designer in you goes crazy. From Moon Cream to Galaxy Black, we've got you covered.

For further information and orders, please contact:
Amol Deshmukh

*Price is indicative; please check with our sales representative for more details.

Available in colours:

  • Sadarli Grey
    Sadarli Grey
  • Black Teak
    Black Teak
  • Moon Cream
    Moon Cream
  • Bottochino
  • Perlato Sicilia
    Perlato Sicilia
  • Grey William
    Grey William
  • Bottochino Crema
    Bottochino Crema
  • Dorlin Cream
    Dorlin Cream
  • Kastamanu Beige
    Kastamanu Beige
  • Grey Flurry
    Grey Flurry
  • Rosa Atlantide
    Rosa Atlantide
  • Royal Pearl
    Royal Pearl
  • Sofia Cream
    Sofia Cream
  • Silver Wood
    Silver Wood
  • Galaxy Yellow
    Galaxy Yellow
  • Galaxy Red
    Galaxy Red
  • Galaxy Dark Blue
    Galaxy Dark Blue
  • Galaxy Black
    Galaxy Black