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The living room is the lounge area of your home where the family comes together and spends time. It is the first room that one sees as soon as they enter your home. So, it only makes sense that you revamp this space of your house with immense care to detail. The living room tiles constitute a big part of the overall living room design as they will give a solid base to your overall look. If you are looking at giving your living room a renovation, then NITCO living room tiles are one of the best options to look out for. Lend your house a transformation that is pleasing to the eyes and that brings together the family.

How To Select The Right Living Room Tiles

Picking a unique tile design for the living room does not need to be a stressful task. With so many options available and customizations available, you are bound to love the process. Be a part of selecting the wall tiles for living room and living room floor tiles, and we bet the result will put a smile on your face. Here are a few tips you should consider before deciding on the final living room tiles:

  • Durability & Maintenance :

    The first thing you should see is the ease of maintenance and cleaning when considering living room tiles. With a larger footfall, this is one of the most used spaces in the house. You don't want to pick tiles that are more prone to wearing out soon.
  • The Ambience :

    The floor tiles design for the living room and wall tiles design for the living room should be cohesive with the ambiance you are looking for in your house. If you are going for minimalism, then pick tiles according to that theme and if going for maximalism, then consider choosing tiles based on what would look good then.
  • Add Colour :

    You don't need to stick to the regular beige or cream that is often used in homes. If you are someone who loves to experiment, go for something out-of-the-box that best suits your personality. The room should identify with you.
  • Consider the Furniture and Paint Colour, To Ensure A Flawless Blend:

    If you have not already narrowed down the furniture and wall paint of the living room, consider that before taking the final call on tiles.

Different Types of Living Room Tiles

There are a lot of options when it comes to picking the living room tiles. Explore all your options before you choose the right material:

  • Wood-look alike Tiles

    If you love the idea of bringing home nature, you are sure to fall in love with NITCO's wood-look-like tiles. NITCO's Woodville collection offers you a range of living room wooden floor tiles.

  • Ceramic Tiles

    If you are looking for some solid, dense flooring, ceramic or porcelain tiles should be your first choice. You can deep dive into the options regarding the colours and textures when it comes to ceramic tiles.

  • Glazed Vitrified Tiles

    NITCO's glazed vitrified tiles come in various options if you look for a classy, sophisticated look. The various textures and patterns will make you fall in love with the elegant finish of NITCO tiles.

Our Living Room Design Ideas

At NITCO, we can offer you several ideas for living room wall designs and living room floor designs. You can browse through our design ideas to get more perspective on which wall tiles design for living room works best for you. Explore the variety of colours, textures and materials when it comes to floor tiles designs for living room.

Benefits of having tiles in the Living Room

Tiles are durable, offer variety and make your home look gorgeous without being too heavy on the pocket. NITCO also has a range of tiles inspired by nature and can help you design your abode just the way you like it. Right from ceramic tiles for the living room to living room vitrified tiles, there is no shortage of options for tiles.

Shop from a wide range of Living Room tiles at NITCO

NITCO's wide range of living room tiles makes us the ideal choice for all your tiles-related woes. Our living room modern wall tiles and floor tiles offer you a selection like no other. Shop from our exhaustive collection of tiles.

Frequently Asked Questions on Living Room Tiles

  • Which tiles are best for the living room?

    The living room receives a heavy footfall daily. It is best to pick durable and easy to clean tiles since it is the most used room in the house. Ceramic tiles are low on maintenance if you are looking at convenience & looks.

  • What is the best tile colour for a living room?

    You can pick your living room tile colour based on the rest of the living room aesthetics. Depending on the wall paint, furniture, curtains, you can choose a tile colour that does not attract too much attention.

  • How do you tile a living room?

    NITCO offers you the service of tiling your entire space without much wastage. It not only reduces your cost but also prevents any material wastage. Our experts measure the area and do their job in the most efficient way possible.

  • What type of tiles is best for the living room floor?

    The living room floor can be of a neutral colour and, depending on the theme you pick, could be wooden or marble effect tiles. Choose tiles that suit your family's lifestyle and are easy for you.

  • What type of tiles is best for the living room wall?

    The living room wall can have a hero wall that attracts attention with different paint or a collage of mosaic tiles. Go brave on the design, and we bet you will love the stunning result.