Make your own Mosaic

Creativity is timeless and limitless…

And that forms the core of our design philosophy.
As NITCO design team, we look for inspiration from our very own surroundings – be it a deep forest, a small village, the rich Indian tradition or fast moving- high tech jet age world….
So let the magical Mosaico add that special touch to your very own spaces………

Visit your nearest NITCO Le Studio & let us know your dream and inspiration & we will ensure that your dream gets crafted into reality.

Door Frames & Window Sills

Door Frames & Window Sills

Introducing our all-new range of marble window sills and door frames, that serve as accent pieces in every space. Not only are they functional, sturdy support structures to your windows and doors, but they also add to the detail and décor of a space.

Available in both standard and custom sizes, these items come ready-to-fit for you!

Starting at just INR 50/-* per running feet, these window sills and door frames are pre-polished to 100% accuracy and absolutely ready to use in widths of 2" to 5" inches.

Available in imported marble, engineered marble and granite, these accent items come in 18 different shades and patterns!

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