Grey marble

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Grey marble is one of the most visually appealing marble slabs. From light grey to dark grey marble, plenty of options are available. Grey marble countertops, backsplashes or flooring can add vibrance to any space and up-the-ante without being too flashy.

How To Select the Right Grey Marble for Your Home?

Selecting the perfect grey marble for your space can be tricky; however, NITCO experts can guide you through this process. Here are a few points to remember:

  • Where To Use? :

    Grey marble can be used on bathroom countertops, table tops, indoor flooring, bathroom walls, and even backsplashes. Grey marble can make any space look rich with a subtle grandeur, but make sure you pick the right spot where it will look the best in your home.
  • Pick the right size :

    Grey marble is available in different sizes. Make sure to pick the right size, as that will eliminate the need for additional expenses on cutting marble to the required size.
  • Finishing of the marble :

    Grey marble finishes include glossy, high gloss, satin, rustic, matte. With plenty of options in both colours and finishes, you can easily decide which finish will go best with the rest of your interiors.
  • Maintenance :

    Grey marble finishes include glossy, high gloss, satin, rustic, matte. With plenty of options in both colours and finishes, you can easily decide which finish will go best with the rest of your interiors.

Different Types of Grey Marble for Your Space

There are various options available even after you pick the colour of your marble. Types of Grey marble include:

  • Grey Emperador Marble :

    Grey Sonata, Grey William, Carmel Grey, Grey Marina Quarried in Turkey, Grey Emperador Marble is an exquisite grey and silver marble with slight variations. It is recommended for interior projects, including walls, backsplashes, countertops, and flooring for residential and commercial spaces.

  • Grey Travertine Marble :

    Travertine marble is often visibly porous, giving it a more natural, textured look. Once honed, this marble is very easy to clean and maintain. As part of maintenance, this marble requires a yearly sealant application to keep it resistant to wear.

  • Grey Grigio Marble :

    The most popular type of grey marble, Grigio, is a classic. The soft black and white veins running through the natural stone gives it a vibrancy that can add character to any space.

Our Grey Marble Design Ideas

NITCO has a team of experts that can come in and help you select the best option for your space. We also have an array of design ideas that will help you further.

Benefits of having Grey Marble

Grey marble has the innate ability to draw attention due to its sophisticated appearance. The appealing finish that the natural stone offers is what makes it a must-have in your space. Go for Grey Marble if you are looking at something other than white and yet enjoy the subtlety of a light shade.

Shop from a wide range of Grey Marble at NITCO

NITCO's precision-led technology makes our marble one of the best quality stone floorings. Choose from a vast collection of grey marble designs for your space.

Frequently Asked Question on Grey Marble

  • What is grey marble?

    Grey marble is one of the most sought-after shades from the NITCO Marble Collection. A natural stone with a smooth and shiny finish, grey marble is used in residences and commercial spaces due to its subtle yet eye-grabbing appearance.

  • What is grey marble used for?

    Grey marble is used for bathroom countertops, table tops, interior flooring, and wall cladding. Grey marble is known to add luxe and sophistication to your spaces.

  • What are the types of grey marble?

    The different types of grey marble are Grigio, Travertine and Emperador. The most favoured type is Grigio due to its plain yet eye-catching finish.

  • How to select the right marble colour?

    The right shade of marble can dynamically transform the look of your home, so pick a shade that goes well with the rest of your décor. Depending on your tastes, you can choose between muted, complementary shades and bolder tones like red or pink.

  • What is the trending grey marble available at NITCO?

    The Arabescato Grigio, Grigio Alpino and Silver Fresco Grey Sonata are the most trending grey marble at NITCO.