Company Profile

To Continuously improve the quality and design of products and to constantly increase customer focus is our prime vision

  • To launch innovative and world class products to help customers realize their dreams
  • To manufacture products of the highest quality , creating industry benchmark
  • To be fast and flexible , to be able to grasp opportunities in the fast changing world
  • To be transparent and fair to customers, suppliers, shareholders and employees in all our dealings

About NITCO Ltd.

NITCO is the only premium tile brand in India. That is why we are known as trend setters within the industry. This is because, since our inception in 1953, we have remained loyal to our Core values of “innovation, product quality and customer service”.

NITCO Ltd., which is a limited liability company in India, is today traded on two stock exchanges; Bombay Stock Exchange (BSE) and the National Stock Exchange (NSE). NITCO was established in Bombay (India) in 1953 and is today one of the largest manufacturers of floor tiles in India. We have a volume market share of around 6% and a value market share of around 10% among organized players. Gross sales for Financial year 2012-13 was Rs 879.19 crores

What are we ?

NITCO (established in 1953 by Mr. Pran Nath Talwar) is among the top premium tile companies in India.

The Company manufactures a vast portfolio of tiles(floor and wall), marble, mosaic and metal craft.

Where we are ?

The Company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. Its pan-India presence is facilitated through 22 offices. Its strong distribution network comprises more than 1100 direct dealers.

The Company exports tiles to countries like Belgium, The Netherlands, Muscat, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman and other European and African countries.

The Company’s shares are listed on the BSE and NSE.

The promoters own 48.90% of the Company’s equity

Our Businesses

the NITCO Group consists of NITCO Tiles, NITCO Marble, NITCO Art (Mosaico and Intarsia), NITCO Wall Tiles and NITCO Earth (Real Estate).

Our Product Portfolio

Product Portfolio
Floor Tiles Ceramic Tiles , Vitrified Tiles – Soluble Salt , Ultra/Double charged, Gres Porcelain Tiles (Naturoc), HD Digital Tiles
Wall Tiles HD Digital Tiles – Base tiles and highlighters
Marble Natural Marble, Engineered Marble
Mosaic Signature Collection, Magnum Opus Collection, Décor collection , Solitaire collection , Creust Collection, Frame collection, Steps Risers & Skirtings.

Pioneering Presence

The Company has carved out a distinctive reputation through the manufacture of pioneering and innovative products comprising the following:

  • Environment-friendly, LEED certified tiles.
  • Rustic tiles utilising a unique ‘dry powder application’ technology which enhances a natural ‘stone’ feel; undulated surfaces can be embellished using special glazes to replicate a natural stone finish.
  • Super gloss floor tiles with enhanced aesthetic finish similar to natural stone.
  • 600x600 mm glazed vitrified tiles of which the Company is among the largest manufacturers in India.
  • 100% matte finish tiles in satin and rustic finish with anti-skid properties addressing medium and heavy footfall traffic.
  • Dirt-free tiles leveraging unique sharp-edge technology; tiles are cut to a perfect square with minimal joints; the micro-porosity keeps tiles dirt-free and impervious to bacterial decay.
  • Rectangular wood strips, which reconcile the texture and colours of natural wood with the durability of superior quality porcelain; easy to maintain.our edgemarketing network

As a testament to our truly avant-guard thinking, we have won 13 Capexil awards for innovation and design and 2 Construction World awards.

NITCO – a responsible organization

Business aside, we are very much aware of the human factors involved in our business. We are aware that our customers and employees expect and deserve only the best. Awareness of these underlying issues lies deep within the fabric of our day-to-day work. We are also very much concerned about environmental factors and we therefore ensure that our entire manufacturing process is non-polluting, that we recycle all effluents and do not discharge any harmful materials into open land.

The Tile Plant at Alibaug, Maharashtra has been certified for Integrated Management System (ISO 9001:2008 - For Quality Management ,  ISO 14001:2004 - Environment Management , OHSAS 18001:2007 - Occupational Health and Safety Management) and the Corporate office has been certified for ISO 9001:2008 - For Quality Management .

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